COVID Safety

Time for Some Real Talk…

We don’t care where you’re from or what you believe, we’re requiring a respectful and safe environment for everyone.

The Rundown

We’re Ready to be Together Again, But Safety is VERY Much a Priority

Here’s what to know.

What We’re Doing

We’ve done our best to plan this thing to be as safe as possible. In fact, most of the planning took place when we didn’t know what reality would be like in July. And even though things are looking up, we’re not throwing caution to the wind.

Everything is Outside

The ceremony, the reception, rehearsal dinner, and all activities where large groups of guests will be together. We didn’t even rent the barn.

Food & Beverage Precautions

We’ll be making sure you feel safe when it comes to filling up. We’re avoiding a full sit-down meal so you all can spread out, and have plenty of serving staff so there aren’t too many hands in the pasta salad.

Extra Supplies

We’ll be sure to have hand sanitizer and such on-site. But please bring your own!

Plenty of Space

The farm is huge and we’ll have plenty of space to spread out and mill around. There will be plenty of places to sit, stand, and maybe even cut a lil rug… a little personal, bath mat sized rug.

Small Number of Guests

We’re keeping it right around 100 guests to make sure it doesn’t get too crowded. That might sound silly, “keeping it around 100”, but it really was hard, dammit!

The COVID Police

Oh yeah, they’ll be there. Designated guests, real tough ones, and sneaky tough ones too. They’ll be responsible for making sure you don’t cross the line. We know you didn’t mean to, you were just having a good time and got a little careless. Well, lookout… they could be anywhere.

What You’re Doing

We kindly ask you to abide by these few small requests to ensure everyone feels and is safe.

Bring Your Mask

Yes, we’ll be outside, but there will times when a mask may be required. We’ll be sure to make sure this is clearly communicated that day so there are no questions.

Be Respectful

There will be guests from all over in attendance and some may have circumstances that drastically affect their point of view. Be it their own health risks, their family’s, their work circumstances, etc. Please be kind and please be overly cautious.

Be Proactive

If you see something, say something. We’re all nice people here, let’s help each other out.

Get Vaccinated

It’s for the greater good and we believe in it so we feel ok to ask. Thank you to everyone who has and for what it’s worth, Rachel and I will both be fully vaccinated before the wedding showers and festivities really start up.

Don’t Worry

We’re Still Gonna Have a Damn Good Time

It’s not lost on us that our wedding might be the first time that many folks are able to get together again. We’re beyond excited about it and we hope it’s something for you to look forward to after feeling disconnected for so long.

Let’s get rowdy! Let’s very safely and respectfully cut loose.

This page exists because we love you. We promise to keep an eye on things as we lead up to the actual date and will continue to plan accordingly.